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As the owner of the Ojos De Dios Shop and a member of the Asheville Mandala Weavers, I invite you to explore our online shop to see the creativity and joy that our mandalas can bring into your life.

Asheville Mandala Weavers studied under Jay Mohler, and have over 150 years of combined weaving experience. 


Each one of our mandalas (ojos de dios) is handcrafted with your unique intention in mind. These pieces are woven using songs, poems, books, and words, to capture and create the essence of your intention. We work with you via text, email, and chat, to communicate our thoughts with you during the process.

Additionally, mandalas can be purchased in conjunction with an energy healing. Please visit our shop to get an idea of what our mandalas look like. Custom mandala healings start at $350. If you are interested in an energy healing mandala, please click the button below.

With love,


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